Principal’s Desk

M Vijaya Nirmala

Managing Director

It’s one thing to learn a theory from lectures and textbooks. It’s something else entirely to learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, intense time and fiscal pressures – then defend your choices among peers as motivated and intelligent as you are. That’s exactly what you’ll do at NBS, not once but over 300 times through two years of in-depth, case-method learning that puts you in the role of the decision maker. Field studies, career treks, in-depth Immersions under faculty guidance take students to the frontiers of new markets, practices and technologies across the globe. Our high expectations demand exceptional commitment. For every hour of class time, an NBS faculty member dedicates many hours of preparation that includes individual case review, writing notes, lessons plans, and collaborative analysis among colleagues. While instructing classes, teaching takes priority over every other obligation including research, writing, administrative duties. Faculty dedication is motivated by its reward: an exciting, energized classroom that’s thoughtfully choreographed, yet open to unexpected insights and understanding.