Bachelor Of Commerce (B. Com) Programme

The AICTE approved management department at Priyadarshini college is noted for its consistent contributions towards the various fields of management, ranging from human resources to marketing to finance to business analytics. The students are given in-depth theoretical training and practical exposure to help them analyse and synthesize data & information in order to assign at appropriate decisions.

The postgraduate program in management is offered with the objective of imparting students with the technical know-how that is essential for becoming successful as a manager or entrepreneur.

The MBA programme at Priyadarshini is a two-year full time Post Graduate programme that has been divided into four semesters.

Selection Procedure

Candidate seeking admission into Full Time B. com programme must be:

Bachelor degree holder of Osmania University or a degree recognized by the university as equivalent thereto and /(or) as per the rules laid down by the University;

The candidate seeking admission must qualify in the Entrance Examination, conducted by the appropriate authority in the year of admission as per the norms prescribed by the University.

The admission of Non-resident Indians and candidates admitted in lieu of them will be as per the University Rules in force on the date of the admission.

Foreign candidates’ admission is based on the Screening Process of the University currently in vogue.

Program Educational Objectives


To introduce the students the fundamental aspects of Organisations like Management, behavior of individuals, operations, research, marketing, financial, data analytics and other related concepts

To produce graduates with highest regar and for personal & institutional honor, social responsibility and leadership skills.

To prepare the students to establish their own enterprises thereby enhancing the growth and development of self and the nation as well.

Program Outcomes

Management Knowledge:

Apply the knowledge of principles in Management during the decision making process at work.

Knowledge of Finance:

Gain the knowledge of fundamentals and practical applications of finance and implement in daily job activities.

Understand the behaviour of individuals:

Study and understand the various behavioural aspects of individuals and deal smoothly with individuals at the Organisations.

Deal with Human Resources:

Understand the importance of Human Resources and skillfully apply various human resource management strategies.

Entrepreneurial Career:

Study and understand the various behavioural aspects of individuals and deal smoothly with individuals at the Organisations.

Application of other sciences:

Understand and apply practically the knowledge acquired in research, statistics, Operations, Data Analytics and others.

Marketing Strategies:

The students will be motivated to opt for a career in Entrepreneurship because of the knowledge wealth gained in entrepreneurship and the process.