S. Mary Rajmani
PhD (Management, M.Phil, M.B.A., B.Com Comp)

It is an honour and pride to be the Principal of the prestigious and reputed Priyadarshini Educational Institution. This institution imparts its students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful in their field of choice. Priyadarshini is marching ahead with staunch staff for promoting knowledge and unfurling the flag of wisdom and knowledge among the students with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in their field of choice.

“Education is not only the learning of facts but training the mind to think”. 

High quality of work is visible in every aspect of the Priyadarshini Educational Institution. We have evolved and successfully implemented a system which caters to the social, physical, and emotional development of our students. The Teaching style implemented at Priyadarshini encourages our students to develop their own wisdom and knowledge by making mistakes. The more mistakes one makes, the more one learns from them.

We design our teaching with innovative strategies to achieve academic excellence. We advocate instrumental learning strategies by blending cognitive, effective and psychomotor domain for better learning. We work to promote a professional learning and help accomplish our students’ goals. Our institute promises a delightful environment to suit the educational needs of our students.

In our changing society, our institution is constantly updating itself with the latest teaching pedagogy to help with the challenges that you may face. We believe that education here will prepare you for a highly networked and competitive world.

We encourage positive interaction and communication among the students & faculty to develop an environment conducive to learning. We also aim to raise rigor in the classroom through positive engagement between the students.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils for their unconditional trust in us and committing to Priyadarshini’s vision and mission. I am certain that with the blessings of the staff and students of the college, Priyadarshini will succeed in making a difference. I look forward to your complete participation and hope to help you to transform your dreams into reality. I wish you all the best for your bright career!

Dr Ravikanth Vajapeyajula

A veteran in the field of academics and a role model for many, Dr Ravikanth Vajapeyajula (Multiple World Record Achiever) leads the academic wing for Priyadarshini Education Society and is a full-time Director in the company.

He has authored a book – “Dictionary in Psychology” based on Concepts of Modern Psychology and a book on “Science Fiction –Vocabulary” for competitive examination.

He also holds the distinction of being the author of the book on “Miracles of Vedic Mathematics” for Competitive exams

Doctorate in Mathematics, M.Phil (Mathematics), MA (Mathematics), B.Ed (Mathematics), M.Ed (Mathematics), BTech (Mech), MBA, EMBA, IEMBA, MA (Psychology), LLB, LLM

Awards and Recognitions:
Life Time Achievement Award for contribution in education sector
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for excellence in education sector
Millenium mathematician of the year
Bodhana Praveena Award

Dr Ravikanth Vajapeyajula

Dr Ravikanth Vajapeyajula