At Priyadarshini our facilities are our greatest assets. Set on a large site campus, we are well decked with all the advanced technological equipment to encourage better learning. Our incredible facilities include:

Classrooms are where the students are guided towards wisdom. We provide our students with projectors and digital access for modern learning. Priyadarshini has an excellent teaching faculty and believes in maintaining a teacher-student ratio of 1:10.

The library is fully stocked and computerized with more than 10,000 volumes of books that cover a varied range of topics and subjects. We are subscribed to periodicals and daily newspapers, too. We offer to our students’ circulation and interlibrary loads. The library consists of Reading rooms for undisturbed reading and studying.

We offer labs with different terminals and Internet facilities that can be used by both the students and teachers. As we believe in our students learning with modern aids, the entire campus is Wi-Fi- enabled with access to scanners and printers.

Education substantially plays a pivotal role in civilization and the modern world categorically calls out for change and betterment in the contemporary educational system. Here at Priyadarshini, we foster change, advancement and innovation in every way, striving to stay on par with the changing times. Our aim not just stops at providing quality education using modern technologies in an advanced learning atmosphere but adapting ourselves to stay relevant to times. Our dedicated and a highly qualified staff guide students at every level to construct themselves into knowledgeable and technologically advanced individuals. We believe in the idea of excellence and aim to give the best to our students encouraging the aspiring learner in them. We provide students with a sound range of learning resources including video programmes, PowerPoint presentations and printed materials.

The safety of a student is one our top priorities. Trained personnel are available to observe and authorize entry and exit of outsiders and also monitor the campus through video surveillance.