M. Vijaya Nirmala
M.Com, M.A., MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D, and
Ex-RTI Commissioner (AP & TS)

We take immense pride and honor in our traditions, but we are never complacent. We are on a constant lookout on figuring out new innovations, expanding, experimenting to be ever more significant to the changing circumstances of the times. Owing to which, today we stand strong and high as the most eminent and learned of the educational institutions across the country.

In keeping with our vision we encourage at every step academic excellence alongside promoting personality development, community service and a refinement in aesthetic sensibilities.

Priyadarshini College is an institution out par excellence with a blend of both traditional as well as modern values. It certainly is an oasis of culturally responsive education in the region and takes a mighty stand as one of the best in South India. Our constant Endeavour has been to not just provide for the educational needs of our nation, but to be able to face and overcome the hurdles and challenges set forth before the nation. In this context, it has been our first and foremost Endeavour to legislate and execute a futuristic educational approach, predominantly relevant to the aspirations and expectations of a student belonging to this era. Thus, we are constantly moving from a glorious yesterday to a still better tomorrow.

I gladly welcome you new entrants to this pioneer college which only aims on nurturing not just proficient professionals, but also able responsible citizens of tomorrow. I hope this association will be a learned, cherishable stay and a memorable one for you.