MR. Krishna Rao
Secretary of Priyadarshini College

Priyadarshini Educational Society is driven by the vision, mission and core values, our students comprehend as a habit. We are on a path that leads to a revolutionary change in terms of personal, societal, behavioral and academic spheres of a student’s life. We empower and encourage our students to bestow the best of their abilities towards the progress of the society and the community we are all a part of. We have both international and local students at our colleges who get to deep dive into the importance of our Indian culture and traditions. They progress everyday to address the needs and concerns worldwide.

Here at Priyadarshini Educational Society, Holistic training is of paramount importance. We believe that having a promising career begins with preparing our students to learn to succeed in real life situations. We believe that the education we provide them will forever play an instrumental role in preparing them to face the highly networked and competitive world. We have curated a complete professional curriculum which facilitates students’ interests, encourages them to develop their own acquainted perspectives, and implant managerial and administrative proficiency. Significantly, we transform fervent students into smart and efficient team players, confident leaders with a morale and responsibility towards the society they are living in.

We render our students with an abundance of opportunities, choices and chances. Our distinct motto is in working towards the betterment of everyone by providing a well thought of, structured, progressive curriculum and extracurricular activities, in order to foster a beautiful tomorrow.

I wish the Principal, staff and students of Priyadarshini all success in their endeavors.